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About Celtic

A company registered with Trading and Other Services, headquartered in Bangalore.

At Celtic, we believe that our participation in assisting our clients to realize their financial goals and objectives constitute a relationship and we work towards delivering the best in it. In that vein, we believe that protecting that relationship is one of our highest priorities.

In doing this we take a unified approach in making your wealth grow and diversify in a strategic manner.


Bringing new look to your business!

Our clients come to us because of our people and knowledge of the industry.

  • Our experts analyse the movement of the financial market and to ensure and deliver profitable ventures.
  • We look into maximizing the returns by hedging to elevate the clients business opportunities.
  • We supervise the growth of your wealth towards the positive direction.
  • Our Expertise work towards building long term goals to improvise our clients wealth.
  • A strong and reliable team which helps in taking your wealth in the right direction.
  • A team of experts to help you with reaching your financial goals with the right path.

We provide a tailored product

Your financial needs are tailored in a way to help your wealth grow.